A Violin Book for Beginners: Sing on the Violin



With a combination of songs, visual cues, and colorful illustrations, Sing on the Violin helps young beginners to meet the early challenges of the violin and to discover their musical potential. Suggested for ages 4 to 8, this violin book for beginners, captures a child’s interest and imagination by using  illustrations of animals, each animal name having its own rhythm and representing a specific note pattern. This approach makes the young student’s first steps easy and fun, allowing a child to learn the fundamentals without being overwhelmed.  As students grow more comfortable playing the animal rhythms, the corresponding notes are introduced.  Throughout 86 pages are other visual cues to introduce a child to the  fundamentals of note reading, bowing, and left-hand technique. Text and  illustrations are presented in readily understandable terms, so that  parents can follow along and reinforce what the student has been learning in violin lessons. The music is a mix of traditional and original songs that hold a child’s attention with appealing melodies, lyrics, and accompanying pictures, while always building on their accumulating skills. The book closes with an introduction to three of the great composers – Beethoven, Mozart, and Vivaldi – and a chance to play samples of their most famous works. It’s meant as a glimpse of all that the world of music has to offer, in those early years and for a  lifetime.

About the Author


Emmanuelle Boers-Scully, raised in The Netherlands by Dutch-French parents, was just five when she started to play the violin. She completed her studies at the Brabants Conservatorium in Holland, majoring in the violin. Over the years she played in various symphony and chamber orchestras in Europe and the United States, while also teaching many students of all ages. Sing of the Violin is a product of long experience working with students, and especially with young children.  Next to her love for music is a love of art, and these come together in this work as both the author and illustrator. An active musician, she teaches at her 4 Strings Studio in Arizona, where she lives with her husband and two sons.